Maine Moose Hunting
$2500 / includes a sub permitee

I want to welcome you to Blackwater Outfitters and congratulate you on winning a Maine moose permit! Our lodge and cabins are located on the borders of zones 5,6 and 2.

We offer two different packages:

The first is our fully guided hunt. This package includes 3 homed cooked meals per day in our lodge while enjoying the amenities of home in your own private cabin. The cabins are equipped with either four or six beds, a bathroom with shower, a small kitchen, and satellite TV, and broadband internet. You will be guided by guides that are native to this area, we are not just part time guides, this is our way of life. All of us have worked, hunted, and fished these woods our whole lives. We have the experience and equipment for a successful hunt. Our success rate on guided hunts is 100% for the past 14 years. We specialize in trophy bull moose in zones 5, 6 and 2 during the rut and we focus on calling moose for the ultimate hunting experience! 

The second package is our semi-guided hunt. This hunt includes lodging and meals like the fully guided hunt. With this package, we show you area that have been pre-scouted. This hunt is $600 per person. I also own a butcher shop so on fully guided hunts you can have your moose completely processed and vacuum sealed for only $250.00.

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1 Adult
Economy Class
We have hunted these blinds and will tell you we have some large coyotes in northern Maine. The largest one we have personally killed was 62 lbs!

We also offer coyote hunting with dogs. This hunt is very fast paced and exciting we don’t usually have to look to far to find a
hot track for the dogs to follow. We target the largest coyotes. We killed several over 50lbs last winter. We use GPS collars to
easily track the dogs and their run.