Kent Sullivan, North Carolina

“I’m really reluctant to say anything about Blackwater Outfitters. It’s sort of like a

fisherman not wanting to reveal his favorite honey hole. Blackwater Outfitters is

such a great place! I’m looking forward to going back for bear hunt number

seven this fall. The accommodations are dry, clean, warm, and comfortable.

However, it was disappointing that returning at night there wasn’t a mint on my

pillow. (Just kidding!) Other than the lack of a mint (haha), everything has been

fantastic; obviously I’m returning for my seventh hunt! Dick works super hard to

put you on game. The food is great – if some goes hungry or doesn’t gain weight

during their stay at Blackwater Outfitters, it’s their own fault.”

Roland Taylor Jr., Maryland

“Wow! So many memories with Dick at Blackwater Outfitters, but this one was

the best! We jumped a bear around 7:30 in the morning with the hounds. The

dogs overhauled home**** and the bear took to the river. Dickie said he’d seen

bears do this before where they played this game of heading to the river to shake

the hounds. When the bear hit the river, the dogs were tight on his tail. So with

the heat on, the bear treed. When we got to him, I shot him… we got that tricky

bear! We had to put him in a canoe in order to take him up the river to the truck.

By the time we, the hounds, and the dead bear returned to the truck, it was about

7:30 in the evening. Did I mention the bear ended up weighing 485 pounds. This

was one of the best experiences of my life, one I will never forget!”!

Dennis Waibel, Connecticut

“I had the opportunity last fall (2018) to hunt with Dickie and the guys at

Blackwater Outfitters. I went on my first bear hunt with Dickie, and another

buddy of mine. We were referred to Dickie by our buddy who’s been using Dickie

for years and man we were not disappointed! Day 1: 9:30 a.m., 2 bears down!

The dogs put on a hell of a show! They had both bears treed in under a half an

hour! As any hunter knows it’s not all about he kill, watching Dickie, Matt and

Eric work their hounds was worth it alone! The hospitality at camp, the food, the

people, the lodge, it was all top notch! I would highly recommend Dickie and

Blackwater Outfitters! We will be back!”

Elliot Mitchell, Maine
Registered Maine Guide

“What can I say? Had some of the greatest adventures of my life working for

Blackwater Outfitters as a Guide…I always liked the family atmosphere and the

great meals that were prepared…I consider those days some of the greatest I’ve

had as a Guide! If you want a moose in zones 2, 5, and 6, this is the place to be!

I’ve hunted bears with some of the best hounds and Houndsman at Blackwater

Outfitters. It has been an honor to work with the guys from Blackwater

Outfitters…I’ve learned a lot!!!

Steve Grazits, Pennsylvania

“I’ll give you our story. It will never be forgotten! I have been to Newfoundland 4 times on hunting trips. Myself and my hunting partner, Tom Silverstrim, had started applying to the Maine moose lottery back in 2000. 

In 2008, we were going to book another Newfoundland hunt. We figured we best not get drawn for a Maine moose tag as we had applied for Zone 6. We on had one chance in the lottery for a bull moose only. BAM! Tom draws a bull moose tag! Cancel Newfoundland, we’re headed to northern Maine on a bull moose hunt! We were instantly flooded with outfitter tapes, phone calls, and mailings. Many were eliminated as we received them. 

Two places stuck out to us, so we called. Tom called someone else, I called Dickie Cullins at Blackwater Outfitters. Dickie was cordial on the phone; no BS. We swapped deer hunting and turkey hunting stories, then Dickie asked, “What are your expectations?” Well, having hunted in Newfoundland four times, (and we had killed a couple of BIG lapp moose bulls there) I said the first thing with bones on its head is coming home.

Dick’s response: “Oh No! Not in my camp!” Fast forward to the second hunt. 

We arrived in camp and the amenities were amazing. Sunday afternoon was sight in, then Dick took us on a ride to show us where he wanted us at 4:30 the next morning. It was a harvested potato field, alfalfa field mix, why you ask? Because Dick sat there all night making sure no one got on that property. We found the place the next morning. At first light, out come the cows, then seconds later, the bull came out. Tom got the first shot as I was the sub permittee. Tom never saw this bull as he was prone on a bipod. We saw it. It was a giant! I had to move position with Tom because he didn’t seen it. Our agreement was he fired first, if it didn’t go down to the shot I was to fire. We get on the bipods. The bull comes into vision at about 200 yards. Tom fires, I fire; that quick, boom boom, thump, thump. The moose goes 60 yards, then drops. 

He was a beast! If my memory serves me right, he was 960 on the scales. Tooth samples showed he was 9 1/2 years old. The biologist told us to take 20% off of the weight for the rut and 10% off for the innards. So all in all, we harvested well over a 1200 pound animal! From there, Dick took us to the taxidermist. He also showed us where to grouse hunt and the grouse hunting was spectacular! We were treated as family. The dinners were amazing! Our experience was so good, we returned for 2 bear hunts the following 2 years. I never killed a bear, but 2 in our group did and Tom missed one. I currently have 70 points on the moose lottery and believe me, if I”m lucky enough to be drawn, I will definitely book with Dick and Maine Blackwater Outfitters. 

I have hunted for many years, in many places, and that moose hunt will be a memory we never forget!” !